Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced the end of January a new class lifestyle hotel chain brand "Hyatt Centric", mainly to attract both business and leisure, trendy avant-garde "multitasking" travelers. Hyatt Centric Kristine Rose, vice president of the target customer groups called "modern explorer," because it is a high-interest, curious, very busy and very independent groups, their expectations is very simple, but the standard is very high, hope smart has an intuitive customer experience.
March 29, 2015, Shenzhen, Interior Architecture and Design Association SIID First Inaugural management board of supervisors inauguration was held in Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Sea World Hotel · Ballroom. No more than 500 elite and leaders from the political, business, academia gathered together to witness this exciting moment.
Fully open one of the highlights of the camp changed to increase, is the immovable property included in the deduction. New Real Estate VAT included in all industries can be deductible, which is the largest part of the tax cuts. Construction, real estate implementation rate of 11% for all enterprises, factories, office buildings, store operators either rent to buy, can get deduction. For example,