Reserved style New Chinese style was born in the new era of traditional Chinese cultural renaissance in recent years, particularly popular in interior design. The new Chinese style Chinese elements cleverly integrated into modern design for the modern home life into a new tradition atmosphere. This combination of Chinese and Western classical loved not only by Westerners, Chinese people are more bones will never erase the share of Chinese Complex.
Lonely desert vast, fragrant cappuccino, classic coat MaxMara, can reminiscent of the warm camel (Carmel). It is a popular color will never fade, although from nature, but leave all the time to issue an urban flavor. When the camel into the home life from the fashion industry, creating a never-ending its casual elegance of doctrine, it is worth a careful look.
Construction is frozen music, existing buildings cannot be dismantled, the existing space, increase the function and the soul, reorganize the traffic flow, to complete a wonderful music, brighten the whole park, is the purpose of design.
As for the soul of a bunch of lose energy, injected fresh blood; Just like on the stage in a lonely, dance out the dynamic red; Just like in a quiet planet, landing the seeds of future and life. This is the source of design work.
Brick as one of the oldest building materials, runs through the whole history of mankind, the designer using the modern design methods, let them look brand-new,
To send out an attractive temperament, sometimes make people exclaim.